Job Interview Video Marketing

Anyone Can Create Their Own Video

When people think about being in a video the most common reaction is “do I have to”? They think I don’t want to be on camera. The camera adds pounds to me. I’m not a professional videographer. What if the lighting is not right? What if the audio sounds muffled? What if  . . .

Here’s the Good News! You do NOT have to be a professional to create your elevator pitch video.

Most modern cameras take a clear visual and audio video. Unless your profession is a videographer or photographer, companies understand that this may not be your expertise. It’s OK!

Your video does not have to be done by a professional, but you should look and act professional in the video.

Your video is a representation of your skills, experience and background in a short story that captivates the attention of a hiring manager, recruiter, or agency. Your personal marketing video should be less than 90 seconds long and can be very specific about the job you are looking for or can be very broad based on what your goals are.

Here are some Additional Tips for Creating Your Own Video

The best way to get hired is to create a fantastic video of yourself!


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