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Videos are changing the way that we operate daily

If you’re looking for tips on how to fix something, you watch a video. If you want to learn about different products, you watch a video. If you want to learn how to cook, you watch a video.

This is exactly the way companies are now hiring candidates.

Candidates are creating personal marketing videos for companies to view and evaluate how the candidates conduct themselves, how they act under pressure and if they are a fit for the organization. The video enables a company to make a quick decision if they want you to move forward in the hiring process. Imagine, if you were the hiring manager, would you prefer to see a real person with real expressions and a real story to make your hiring decision or would you want to spend hours reviewing resumes? Videos allow a candidate to share their story in a new, creative and professional way to employers. In today’s fast paced way of life, most people use their smartphone to conduct their business and are no longer printing hundreds of resumes to review at night. Videos can be viewed from any device which is much easier to watch on a smartphone than scrolling through a two-page resume.

Within the last decade, video’s have become increasingly important to share a story, a campaign, an event or most importantly, successes! Moving forward, videos are expected be used in over 70% of internet ads. Why? Because they work! People are more inclined to buy a product because they saw a video that they connected with. Videos can show the real you and not just what is written on a paper.

Video Marketing is Successful

Video marketing has proven successful for companies to share their story and is now an amazing way for candidates to get noticed and be more than just a resume!

The best way to get hired is to create a fantastic video of yourself!


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