First Impressions
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First Impressions Can Last a Lifetime

Within seconds of meeting a person for the first time, opinions start to form. It is essential that you are prepared for these encounters. Think about a time that you met with the owner of a company or were on an interview or just networking in general. Were you prepared?

Let’s review two scenarios:

Scenario 1

You are at a hiring event and someone asks what you do. You could answer that you work for said company as a said title. What information is the other person getting from that? Would they be impressed?

Now let’s use the same scenario where you have your elevator pitch ready and you are prepared to answer anything.

Scenario 2

Start by introducing yourself and stating your goal. For example, are you looking for a fulltime job, part time job, internship? Maybe you are just looking to network. Why are you looking? Whatever your goal is, be clear and be confident when you state it.

Next, tell a little about yourself. What is your area of expertise? Why should an employer choose you? What makes you stand out from the others? State facts and achievements that you have accomplished. What are your transferable skills?

Finally, close the deal. Why should you move forward in their process? How can an employer benefit from hiring you? What are you trying to accomplish and how can you help the employer accomplish their goals?

An elevator speech is an essential part of capturing the attention of a potential employer. It’s your short story. Showcase your skills and experience in a 30-90 second commercial about you!

The best way to get hired is to create a fantastic video of yourself!


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